North Coast School of Education


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Our Vision

The vision of the North Coast School of Education (NCSOE) is to develop a workforce of teachers and leaders who engage in research-based educational practices, understand the importance of preparing students for college and career readiness, and who possess 21st century skills to develop and implement innovative methods and ideas in California public classrooms, schools and districts.

NCSOE exemplifies the notion that learning is creative, rigorous, relevant, relationship-driven, and incorporates inquiry and reflection in ongoing professional growth.

Our History

Founded in 2015, NCSOE partners with the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) to provide state-approved programs and services for teachers and aspiring administrators. The institution is housed within the Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE) in Santa Rosa, California.

SCOE has offered a California Teacher Induction Program (CTIP), formerly the North Coast Beginning Teacher Program (NCBTP), through Region One since 1995. In 2015, SCOE began offering a Clear Administrative Services Credential Program and the newly established “Be A Teacher" Intern Program. In 2017, a Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program is being piloted.

Our Programs

NCSOE administers state-approved credential programs that support new and aspiring teachers as they develop and grow in their teaching practice through one or more of the following programs:

  • Administrator Induction
  • “Be A Teacher” Intern
  • Preliminary Administrative Services Credential*
  • Teacher Induction
  • Intern Support and Supervision

Each program focuses on a different educational pathway that provides the professional learning, teaching strategies and innovative pedagogy necessary to succeed in the 21st century classroom.