North Coast School of Education

The North Coast Teacher Induction Program
Research-Based Framework

NCTIP is built on a common research-based framework of inquiry, as grounded in Greatness by Design, (2012). Participants work through a program-specific continuous improvement cycle of inquiry known as APTRA for the NCTIP program (an investigation of sorts to improve and hone their teaching craft). They conduct job-embedded action research in their classrooms by selecting California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) to explore and develop an Inquiry Question that serves as the overarching focus for action research, specific and measurable actions implemented, and evidence provided to show growth along the Continuum for Teaching Practice.

Through a variety of empirical, theoretical, and cultural lenses, Candidates reflect upon their teaching practice and work with a Mentor and an Inquiry Reader who provide formative assessment. This and other program requirements (Orientation, Weekly Meetings, Observations) support participants in choosing their own journey of inquiry through a personalized Individual Learning Plan that is supported through Professional Learning as it relates to the Inquiry. Participants then share their learnings and growth reflections in a Sharecase. Successful completion of Induction leads to a California Clear Credential recommended by the program to CTC on behalf of the Candidate.