North Coast School of Education

"Be a Teacher" Intern Program



Enrollment for the "Be A Teacher" Intern Program is opening soon
with classes starting in January 2018!

The first step is to attend an Informational Meeting.
To reserve your spot, please register via SCOE's website and
select a "Be A Teacher" Informational Meeting from the class list.

The “Be A Teacher” Intern Program is an alternate pathway to earning a Preliminary Teaching Credential. In our two-year state accredited intern program, interns are employed as teachers during the day and attend credential classes approximately two days a week on evenings or weekends while receiving ongoing coaching from an on-site mentor, course instructors, and practicum supervisors.

"Be a Teacher" Program Process

Step 1. To be eligible to enroll in the “Be A Teacher” program, you must first meet the required prerequisites.

  • Hold a Bachelor’s or higher degree (official transcripts required)
  • Successfully pass the CBEST Exam (California Basic Educational Skills Test) (verification required)
  • Successfully pass the CSET Exam (California Subject Exam for Teachers) (recommended)
  • Attend an Information Meeting – Register here
  • Attend an Advisement Meeting to determine eligibility and develop an action plan

Step 2. After you have been accepted into the “Be A Teacher” program, you will need to:

  • Create an NCSOE database account
  • Register for your pre-service courses
  • Begin meeting specific Intern Credential requirements
  • Complete the 150-hour Framework for Teaching Pre-service Program
    The pre-service coursework is offered through NCSOE. The 150 hours consists of six modules and two independent study courses.
  • Successfully pass the CSET Exam (California Subject Examination for Teachers) that corresponds to the credential you are pursuing (verification required).
  • Complete the U.S. Constitution requirements - exam or university course (official transcripts required).
  • Provide verification of Certificate of Clearance from Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) (fingerprinting, etc.).
  • Provide verification of offer of employment as “Teacher of Record” from a partnering district or school.

Step 3. After all credential requirements are met, NCSOE will submit to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) a Recommendation for your Intern Credential.

Step 4. Receive “Be A Teacher” Coursework Advisement and official enrollment into the program.
You will now begin attending the Intern Program courses where you will receive ongoing coaching from an on-site mentor, course instructors, and practicum supervisors.

Step 5. Upon successful completion of the “Be A Teacher” Intern Program, NCSOE will submit to CTC a Recommendation for your Preliminary Teaching Credential.