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Faculty and Staff

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The faculty and staff of the North Coast School of Education (NCSOE) work together to provide high-quality, state-approved programs and services for teachers and aspiring administrators (see the NCSOE Organization Chart).

Jason Lea
Jason Lea, Ed.D.
NCSOE Superintendent
(707) 524-2814
Patricia Law
Patricia Law, Ed.D.
Regional Director
(707) 524-2854
Sherry Navarro
Sherry Navarro
Administrative Specialist
(707) 524-2830
Credentials Advisor
(707) 524-2724
Kelly Daly
Kelly Daly
Curriculum Specialist
(707) 524-8403
Mark Niemann
Mark Niemann
Curriculum Coordinator
(707) 522-3029
Lindsey Wyckoff
Lindsey Wyckoff
Practicum Supervisor Leader
(707) 524-2657
Yesenia Rivas-Suarez
Yesenia Rivas-Suarez
(707) 524-2614
Susie Martinez
Susie Flores
Administrative Support
(707) 524-2833
Kathy Parnay
Kathy Parnay
Administrative Support
(707) 524-2807
Kenna Kitamura
Kenna Kitamura
Administrative Support
(707) 524-2818

Each county has a Program Coordinator who manages the day-to-day operations of his or her respective county for the Teacher Induction and the University-Partnered Intern programs.

Kelly Daly
Kelly Daly
"Be A Teacher" Intern Program Lead
Mentor Intern Support & Supervision Program & Permit Holder Professional Development Lead
(707) 524-8403
Brooke Herrington
Brooke Herrington
Project Director -
SELPA Charter Schools,
Silicon Valley, Alameda, and Monterey Regions
Christin Perrill
Christin Perrill
Project Director -
Mendocino County and
Designated Subjects Credential Program
(707) 524-2804
Mary Ann Sheridan
Mary Ann Sheridan
Program Coordinator -
Del Norte and Humboldt Counties
Lindsey Wyckoff
Lindsey Wyckoff
Project Director -
Sonoma County and
Be A Teacher Intern Program
(707) 524-2657

"Be A Teacher" Instructors provide classroom instruction and support for the courses offered throughout the program. Qualified Instructors are employed on a course-by-course basis in teaching assignments that reflect their area of expertise. While providing high-quality instruction, "Be A Teacher" Instructors support each Intern's successful completion of course requirements and passage of the state TPA assessment.

NCSOE employs a team of specially-trained Practicum Supervisors who provide individualized support to "Be A Teacher" Interns. Each Intern is assigned a Practicum Supervisor who visits the classroom regularly, approximately 18-20 times (twice a month) during Year One and 10-12 times (once a month) during Year Two. Practicum Supervisors encourage and support the Intern's professional growth and implementation of a variety of teaching strategies while providing constructive feedback and recommendations.

Program Facilitators work with their County Coordinators across the region to support the implementation of the North Coast Teacher Induction Program (NCTIP) by presenting professional learning classes.

NCSOE's Facilitators have extensive professional experience and knowledge regarding new teacher development, curriculum, instruction, and the California Standards for the Teaching Profession.

Facilitators participate in ongoing professional development, regularly and throughout the year, in order to stay current and increase their ability to expertly support program participants.

Mentors play a critical role in the success of NCSOE's Teacher Induction, Designated Subjects, "Be A Teacher" Intern, University-Partnered Intern Support and Supervision, and Permit Holders Professional Development programs. Each program participant is assigned a Mentor who provides ongoing individualized coaching, support and formative assessment guidance during their participation in our programs.

Mentor teachers meet with their mentee(s) for a minimum of 4 hours per month and are required to attend professional learning throughout the year that provides opportunities to enhance their coaching knowledge and skills. If you are interested in becoming a Mentor, please fill out an application and submit it to your HR Department.

The Portfolio Review Team reviews and provides ongoing professional feedback to Teacher Induction Candidates and Mentors on online Inquiry documents and ePortfolio submissions.

NCSOE's Team has extensive knowledge of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession, the Standards of Quality and Effectiveness for CA Teacher Induction Programs, Californiaís Learning to Teach credential system and formative assessment, as well as exemplary educator experience in staff development and mentoring of teachers.

The Portfolio Review Team participates in ongoing professional development and training to stay up-to-date in supporting program participants with high-quality service.

The Advisory Board provides invaluable guidance, support, and oversight to the regional consortium.

Regional Advisor Roles and Responsibilities 2022-23

Upcoming Meetings

  • Fall Meeting: Tues., Nov. 1st, 2022, 9am - 11am, via Zoom
  • Winter Welcome/Open House (via in-person by county): Date/Time/Location varies by county | Learn more
  • Spring Meeting: Weds., May 17th, 2023, 9am - 11am, via Zoom

NCTIPís Regional Advisory Board is comprised of representatives from district leadership, County Offices of Education and University partners.

Del Norte County

Ruth Clay, HR Specialist, DNUSD

Jeff Harris, County & District Superintendent, DNUSD

Mary Ann Sheridan, Program Coordinator

Kerri Vue, Director of HR, DNUSD

Humboldt County

Marika Myrick, Credential Analyst, HCOE

Mary Ann Sheridan, Program Coordinator

Gary Storts, Assist. Superintendent, Eureka City SD

Renae Will, Director of Personnel, Eureka City SD

Nora Wynne, CSI Learning Specialist, HCOE

Lake County

Jamie Buckner-Bridges, Coord. of Teacher Development, LCOE

Brock Falkenberg, Superintendent, LCOE

Mendocino County

Bryan Barrett, Principal, Ukiah USD

Tawny Fernandez, Director/Principal, MCOE

Nicole Glentzer, Mendocino County Supt. of Schools, MCOE

Christin Perrill, Project Director

Sonoma County

Kelly Daly, Curriculum Specialist, NCSOE

Kate Gauger, Asst. Principal, Napa High School

Cindy Kerr-Friberg, Director of Student Affairs, Old Adobe USD

John Laughlin, Assistant Superintendent, SCOE

Matthew Harris, Superintendent, PCSD

Patricia Law, Ed.D., Regional Director

Gina Lynch, Director of Curriculum, Old Adobe USD

Lindsey Wyckoff, Project Director

Vicki Zands, Director of Human Resources, SRCS

SELPA Charter

Luz Gutierrez, Teacher/Coach, Voices College-Bound Language Academy

Brooke Herrington, Project Director

University Partners

Heather Ballinger, CalPoly Humboldt

Cheryl Jones Walker, University of San Francisco

Suzanne O'Keefe, Ph.D., Sonoma State University

Elizabeth Truesdell, Ph.D., Dept. Chair, Dept. of Education, Dominican University, San Rafael