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Intern Support & Supervision Program Professional Development Series - Sonoma County - Mentor Registration

The NCSOE’s Intern Support and Supervision Program (ISSP) serves as the bridge between the theories your Intern is learning in his/her Credential Program coursework with the practical application of those theories as he/she works in your District. Intern Mentors are required to attend the Intern Support and Supervision Professional Development Series to assist them in their role. This training helps Mentors become familiar with Program requirements and deepens their knowledge of research-based coaching and mentoring strategies, formative assessment processes including non-evaluative reflective conversations, the California Teacher Performance Expectations and the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP). Mentors will attend a total of three sessions.

Choose from one of each (fall, winter, and spring)

Sessions for this Class:

Day of Week Time Dates

2018-19 Sessions | 4pm - 6pm

with North Coast School of Education staff



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