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SPED 283 Practicum Fieldwork & Supervision - 3rd Semester

This is the third of the four-part embedded practicum fieldwork and supervision component. Through working with a Practicum Supervisor and Mentor/Support Provider, candidates learn how to integrate course content and effective instructional strategies into their teaching practice. Candidates’ growth and progress in meeting the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs) using the Description of Practice (DOP) is measured. Candidates receive formative and summative feedback aligned with the TPEs and California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs) - Continuum of Teaching Practice (CTP) which guides a reflective learning process and which is documented on the Individual Learning Plan. Practicum Supervisors conduct both formal and informal observations and use this feedback and the candidate’s reflection to coach the candidate to develop their skill and understanding as a professional educator. This course is available to participants who have met Be A Teacher Pre-Service and Intern Program prerequisites. (PBS).

Sessions for this Class:

Day of Week Time Dates
Begins September 2018

Begins September 2018 | Time varies based on PS and Intern - Time varies based on PS and Intern

with Lindsey Wyckoff Lead Practicum Supervisor & an Assigned Practicum Supervisor to each individual Intern.

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