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Year 2 - Inquiry 3 Induction Professional Development Del Norte County

Candidates participating in Year 2 of the North Coast School of Educationís (NCSOE) Teacher Induction Program (NCTIP) receive services and resources needed to transition from a traditional credential or intern pathway and continue on their professional journey as a Preliminary Credential holder. Collaboration with trained Facilitators and colleagues in NCTIP Professional Development, along with guidance from highly skilled Program Mentors and District Site Administrators, provides Candidates with the knowledge and skills needed to engage in ongoing reflection and growth. Candidates and Mentors will register for and attend Professional Development together.

Mondays, 4:30-7:30pm

Inquiry 3:

September 10
October 15
November Online
December Online
Inquiry 4:
January 28
February Online
March Online
April 8

Begins Monday, September 10, 2018; meets monthly | 4:30pm - 7:30pm

with NCSOE Program staff


Del Norte County Office of Education

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