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Professional Coaching and Mentoring Series Part 1

This Coaching and Mentoring series is designed for Mentor Teachers new to the North Coast Teacher Induction Program (NCTIP). This course is also intended for Mentor Teachers who have previously worked with the NCTIP and have not been to a Coaching and Mentoring course within five years. Professional Coaching and Mentoring Series (Part 1) provides experienced educators with the skills necessary to work as coaches for candidate teachers or other colleagues. This workshop provides strategies that are research-based and have been proven to be effective for adult learners. Topics in this course include: Trust Building, The Coaching Mindset, Dialogue vs. Discussion, Paraphrasing, and Probing for Clarity and Specificity.

This is a required training for all North Coast Teacher Induction Program (NCTIP) mentor teachers and potential mentor teachers.

New Mentor Teachers enroll in Part 1 during their first year of coaching.

Returning Mentor Teachers who haven't had Peer Coaching (PC) or Advanced Peer Coaching within the last 5 years, enroll in PCMS Part 1.

Returning Mentor Teachers who have completed PC within 5 years enroll in PCMS Part 2.

For 2016-17, returning Mentor Teachers who have completed both PC and APC during the last 5 years may select either Part 1 or Part 2 as an optional training.

Break-out sessions in seminars will continue to provide on-going professional development for MTs.

NCTIP is working on Part 3 to provide Mentor Teachers with annual training.

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Starts Fall 2016 | Varied - Times with North Coast Teacher Induction Program Staff

Program/course fee covered through District MOU | Free for all NCTIP mentor teachers, $100 for all others.

Location: Varied locations

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